Slay The Prom

Slay The Prom

4 Episodes

It's the last big High School party of their lives and we have it all on camera! Go inside the lives of High School students with their family and schoolmates as they get ready for Prom!

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Slay The Prom
  • S1E3 - Laney High School (Augusta, Ga)

    Episode 1

    Tanea and her mom spend the day getting ready for Prom. Nigel works hard to make the night perfect. Both are Seniors at Laney High School in Augusta, GA.

  • S1E2 - Edna Karr High School (New Orleans, LA)

    Episode 2

    Mariah and Joshua get ready to slay the prom with their friends at Edna Karr High School in New Orleans, LA at the Mercedes Benz Superdome.

  • S1E1 - McKinley High School (Canton, OH)

    Episode 3

    Rosea & Jayquon turn up with friends for the last prom of their lives. Follow them from the house and the party bus all the way to the big party!

  • S1E4 - Walnut Groove (ATL) and Neville High School (Monroe, LA)

    Episode 4

    Deja White, Chris Mitchell, Taylor Brice and Cam get ready to slay the prom with their friends at Walnut Groove High School near Atlanta, Ga. at Stone Mountain Park and Neville High School in Monroe, La. at The Monroe Civic Center.