Muslim Fresh

Muslim Fresh

3 Episodes

Young couples in New Orleans share their experiences being Black & Muslim in America.

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Muslim Fresh
  • MF- Ep1: The Boat Trip

    Episode 1

    The team sails over Lake Ponthcartrain in New Orleans on a luxurious yatcht. Asad & Adrienne lose their kids at an Islamic event. Rasheed almost hurts himself while lifting weights. Bilal asks Asad for advice on getting a second wife.

  • MF-Ep2: Blowing Smoke

    Episode 2

    Bilal meets Asad at a Cigar Lounge about moving forward with 2 wives. Rasheed makes prayer with his brother. The krewe hangs out by the lake. Asad suggests Adrienne should quit her job.

  • MF-Ep3: Woof

    Episode 3

    Adrienne pretends to be a slave to earn Asad's respect. Rasheed beefs with Bilal and his own wife during Date Night. Bilal asks Terri to consider an additional wife. The brothers educate a young man about Islam in a barber shop in New Orleans East.